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Any questions ?

Phone 202 303 405

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About Us

In the midst of hardship, our foundation rises as a beacon of unity and support, essential pillars in fostering strength and resilience. Originating from a sincere desire to provide assistance, we stand in solidarity with those who have endured both physical and mental anguish as a result of the war, committing ourselves to alleviating their suffering and aiding in their recovery.

Our Vision

To create a world of compassion and solidarity, where communities unite to provide aid and support to those affected by the war in Ukraine, ensuring their physical, emotional, and moral well-being.


Our Mission

Mission Solidarity is dedicated to offering immediate and effective assistance to individuals and families devastated by the war in Ukraine. We strive to alleviate their suffering and promote recovery through our diverse range of projects, focused on providing essential services, resources, and support. Committed to transparency, empathy, and action, we work tirelessly to engage and empower communities worldwide to join us in our mission, fostering a global network of care and solidarity.
We dedicate ourselves to: 

  • Empowering the Afflicted: We provide vital resources and steadfast support to the Ukrainian people, ensuring they have the strength and resilience to persevere through their challenges.
  • Assisting Those in Need: Our commitment extends to delivering comprehensive aid to those affected by the conflict, encompassing financial, healthcare, and emotional support services.
  • Championing Advocacy and Understanding: We are devoted to elevating the global consciousness regarding the Ukrainian crisis, galvanizing international backing to establish lasting peace and stability in the region.

Our Values

  • Solidarity: We are steadfast in our commitment to peace and the protection of Ukraine’s sovereignty, united in our efforts and unwavering in our support.
  • Empathy: Our work is guided by a profound sense of compassion and understanding, ensuring that every individual impacted receives care that is both thoughtful and considerate.
  • Integrity: In every endeavor, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct, fostering trust and credibility.
  • Resilience: We embrace the challenges that lie ahead with determination and strength, prioritizing rehabilitation and recovery to rebuild and restore lives affected.

Join Us

We invite all individuals, organizations, and governments that resonate with our mission and values to join us. Together, we can foster a stronger, resilient Ukraine, where peace and justice prevail.

Let’s stand united, building a brighter and secure future for Ukraine.