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Solidarity Mission

The "Solidarity Mission" charitable foundation is dedicated to providing crucial support to those impacted by the Russian war in Ukraine, with a central focus on establishing a Plastic Reconstructive Surgery and General Rehabilitation Charitable Center. We rely on a strong network of compassionate donors, volunteers, and partners, actively participating in vital initiatives such as community rehabilitation and providing generators to civilians facing power outages. Our actions are guided by principles of transparency, urgency, and compassion, ensuring that we make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. By joining us, you become a crucial part of a community committed to combating aggression and fostering peace and stability in Ukraine. We call upon global citizens to unite in this noble cause, demonstrating resilience and solidarity in these challenging times. Together, we can contribute to the healing and restoration of affected communities.

The foundation primarily concentrates on supplying essential resources to Ukrainians and delivering assistance to those who have been mentally and physically impacted by the war. This encompasses the provision of medical aid, support for rehabilitation, and assistance for communities in need.

Donations can be made through our official website via various payment methods including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and digital currency. Visit our donation page for detailed information.

Yes, your donations are fax-deductible. The fund is recognized as a charitable organization and meets all the legal requirements for your donations to be tax-deductible.
Please refer to the specific tax laws in your jurisdiction for more details.

We maintain a high level of transparency by periodically publishing detailed reports on the utilization of funds. Donors can track how their contributions are making a difference through updates on our official website and social media channels.

Yes, we welcome volunteers with open arms. You can find various volunteering opportunities listed on our website, ranging from on-ground support to online campaigns. Join us in making a meaningful impact through your dedicated service.

Assistance is thoughtfully allocated, taking into consideration both the immediacy of the need and the potential impact of the support provided. Emphasis is placed on prioritizing regions and communities in dire need, with a focus on swift and efficient delivery of aid to both save lives and provide relief from suffering.


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